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leaving overpopulation behind! a cat smooshes into a couch, leaving only his tail and back legs out.

New “Sponsor a Spay for Valentine’s Day” Campaign

It is no secret that nationally there is a shortage of veterinarians, and the Bay Area has not been spared! With fewer veterinarians, fewer animals are getting spayed/neutered, leading to unwanted animals creating overcrowding conditions in shelters. To address this trend and in conjunction with February designated as Spay Neuter Awareness Month, Berkeley Humane is launching the “Sponsor a Spay for Valentine’s Day campaign.

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Animal shelters and rescues across the nation continue to see more animals entering than leaving, amassing a backlog of adoptable animals and creating a crisis of existential proportions. To tackle the problem, the Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society (Berkeley Humane) has joined animal welfare advocates, shelters, and rescues in launching Share the Care, a campaign highlighting the powerful impact people can have on shelter pets in their community through even the smallest acts of kindness.

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Big Mystery in a Tiny Package!

For the hundreds of sick animals that we treat every year, each one is a unique medical and behavioral mystery that needs to be solved, and sometimes, the most complicated cases come in the smallest of packages.

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Fewer Teeth, Big Loving Hearts

On first glance Pookie, a seven-year-old female Tabby, came across as one laid-back cat. One volunteer even compared her demeanor to ‘the dude’ in The Big Lebowski—that’s how mellow she was. But, for our experienced team, they had a hunch that things may not be as they seem.

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