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Berkeley Humane believes in an adoption process that carefully matches the lifestyle and expectations of adopters with the needs of our animals, so adopted pets have the greatest chance for forming a lasting bond with their human companions.


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Volunteers are the backbone of our organization. Your contribution is vital for the health and well-being of the wonderful animals we shelter. We look forward to your involvement as a Berkeley Humane volunteer! 

We often have these volunteer opportunities available:

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Foster Care

Have an animal in your home during periods when it fits best to your lifestyle. Each foster has the ability to help hundreds of cats and kittens that may other wise not have a chance!

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Happy Stories

Happy Story: Dancer

We were looking for a cat. We looked at some other cats here and they seemed nice. I first found Dancer online and thought she was cute. Later we went to see her she seemed really playful. I r…

Happy Stories: Banana

I fell in love with Ruby, and made the decision to bring her home with me shortly after moving to Berkeley myself. She's the perfect lap cat, the loudest purr-er but also the most food-motivat…

Happy Story: Darla

How lucky to see Darla on our first visit to your facility! This past year we moved from the Berkeley Hills to my home town of Lafayette, CA. During our extended moving time, I had fallen in l…

Happy Story: Bugbear

Bugbear is an amazing cat and has been the best addition to our household. She sleeps on the chair next to me while I study, and she even does yoga with me. Her permanent blep and her enthusia…

Happy Stories: Daisy

Little Daisy is afraid of nothing and is quite the social butterfly! She made herself right at home and is now the official meet-and-greet purring fluff ball! She especially loves her big bro…

Happy Story: Atticus

Myself and Rohith adopted Atticus from Berkeley Humane. He is a bundle of extreme happiness. He is always happy and needs to be loved. He is partially deaf but he has started to understand us…