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Berkeley Humane believes in an adoption process that carefully matches the lifestyle and expectations of adopters with the needs of our animals, so adopted pets have the greatest chance for forming a lasting bond with their human companions.


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Volunteers are the backbone of our organization. Your contribution is vital for the health and well-being of the wonderful animals we shelter. We look forward to your involvement as a Berkeley Humane volunteer! 

We often have these volunteer opportunities available:

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Foster Care

Have an animal in your home during periods when it fits best to your lifestyle. Each foster has the ability to help hundreds of cats and kittens that may other wise not have a chance!

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Happy Stories

Happy Story: Chloe

Winona now Chloe is 5lbs of pure fun ! Loves her new home , has 3 new Outfits and lots of treats , gets along with our older dog Chula ! Loves to drive in the car , best of all she seems very…

Happy Story: Toby

We adopted Toby over a year ago and couldn't love him more. He comes hiking, backpacking, to the beach, to restaurants, everywhere! This crazy goofball has so much energy and can hike miles an…

Happy Story: Grampa Romeo Jones

After I lost my old cat this summer, I thought I came in to choose a kitten, but this 14 yr old guy chose me instead. Grampa Jones charms everyone, and loves to snuggle and play with my other…

Happy Story: Reisling

Anna was helping her brother David find a new doggy and happened upon Riesling's smiling face on the Berkeley Humane adoption page. She thought about her for a week - and when she found her sm…

Happy Story: Bhagerra!

"We lost our beloved big black male cat last year to cancer very unexpectedly, and were of course heartbroken. Rather than wait a while to get another cat, I wanted to adopt quickly this time,…

Happy Story: Bella

"About 4 years ago, i stopped in on a friday and met anya (now Bella) she was a small lab mix that i spent sone time with, i also met her sister too....i like and bonded somewhat with anya, an…